Paul Mark

Senator Paul Mark was elected to the State Senate in 2022 and has spent his career fighting for the people of Western Massachusetts. His commitment to this work is grounded in his blue-collar background. Paul understands and has lived the same challenges that many in our community are facing today. He also knows firsthand the power that opportunities like higher education, a union job, and access to good healthcare can have.

Paul worked as a lineman for the local phone company while in night school programs, continued his education, and ultimately received 5 college degrees (an associate's, a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master's, a Doctoral, and a Law Degree). He decided to take his education, passion, and life story into public service. In 2010, Paul was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives to serve the 2nd Berkshire district. 

While in office, Paul has been an outspoken champion and strong advocate for progressive, working-class issues. In the State House, Paul has advocated for Medicare-for-all, higher education funding reform, student debt relief, additional funding for vocational programs across our state, big and transformative solutions to combat the climate crisis while providing good-paying jobs for our communities, and ensuring that Western Mass has access to affordable transportation and high-speed broadband internet.